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Membership formalities

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Club membership requires the production of the following documents:

  • The Membership form duly completed and signed. For minors, the form must be countersigned by a parent. This form must also be completed in the event of re-registration (in order to check that the information requested is up to date and to confirm the member's commitment by signing it). 
  • Application for FFBaD licence - Page 1 of the document is to be given to the club at the same time as the Membership Form (the other sheets are to be kept by the person concerned for the information they contain). The licence, dematerialised, will be sent directly to the licensee by e-mail. It is therefore imperative to provide an e-mail address when registering. 
    N.B. Two different forms must be filled in, depending on whether the applicant is Adult or Minor.
  • Medical check
    Adults : If you were licensed for the 2020-2021 season and submitted a medical certificate in 2020-2021 or 2019-2020, simply fill out the Adult Health Questionnaire, sign the accompanying Attestation and attach it to your registration.
    If you are unable to sign the Attestation due to a positive response, you will need to attach a Medical certificate issued by a doctor on the dedicated form.
    If you were not licensed for the 2020-2021 season, you will need to attach a Medical certificate drawn up by a doctoron the dedicated form. 

    Minors: In all cases, the Health Questionnaire version Minors must be completed. 
    If you answer NO to all questions, sign the corresponding Attestation and attach it to your registration. A medical certificate is not required.
    If you answer one or more questions with YES, you must consult a doctor by showing him/her the completed Questionnaires, so that he/she can establish a Medical certificate on the dedicated form.
  • A cheque for the amount of the fee, according to the >> formula chosen.

All of these documents should be given to the person in charge of one of the sessions, who will forward them to the Secretariat. A receipt can be provided on request.