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International Tournament

Last updated: 18.04.2022

The CEBA INTERNATIONAL took place on 16-17 April

Full results can be found at :

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Owing to the unchanged Coronaviris situation, we were obliged to cancel also the 2021 edition of the CEBA International !

Owing to the Covid-19 health crisis, the 44th edition, scheduled for 25-26 April 2020, is cancelled.




The 43rd tournament was held on 27-28 Apriln 2019.

Here are the results

Photos of winners end Runners-up are online at Flickr >>





The 42nd tournament was held on 28-29 April 2018.

Here are the full results. Numerous photos of Saturday's play can be found on the Facebook page of and photos of the prize ceremonies on CEBA's FB page.





Numerous photos from recent years may be viewed at .


Here are some results from previous years >>

41st edition (29-30 April 2017)    Full results     Photos of the winners can be viewed on Flickr and many more on the Facebook page of

40th edition (21-22 May 2016)    Full results   and here are the posters of the exhibition mounted to mark the occasion.

39th edition (9-10 May 2015)    Full results & Past winners

38th edition (3-4 May 2014)    Full results

37th edition (18-19 May 2013)   Full results

36th edition (5-6 May 2012)    Full results

35th edition (7-8 May 2011)     Elite        A        B        C

34th edition (15-16 May 2010)    Elite    A    B    C

33rd edition (16-17 May 2009) EliteA,    B,    C

32nd edition (3-4 May 2008)     Elite A,   B  

31st edition (5-6 May 2007)    Elite,     A,      B.

Compilation of winners (Finalists & semi-Finaliste) 1977-2006

and here are some outstanding photos (with acknowledgements to  Jörg-Andreas Reihle):

Linling Wang
Winner Ladies Singles  Elite
Claudia Vogelgsang
Semi-finalist Ladies Singles Elite
Sashina Vignes
Semi-finalist Ladies Singles Elite
Matthieu Steinmetz, Triple Winner in Série B  -  here in Mixed Doubles with Saphie Kern

Further inquiries may be made to :

Dharma GUNAWI/Yoseph PHOA (facing) vs Carsten GJERLOV/Janek ROOS

The Strasbourg International Tournament has been organised by CEBA Strasbourg every year without interruption since 1977. It regularly attracts first-class players from 10 or more European countries and occasionally from even further afield.

Click here for past winners (1977-2015) and here for past players.


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